Playing the waiting game.

17 Sep

So here we are, on Vancouver Island, waiting to leave for warmer climes south. What, you’ve never been to Vancouver Island? Well, the first thing visitors say when they first lay eyes on it is, “Wow, is it ever green here!” Yes, yes it is and that would be because it rains over 100 inches a year.

It sits between the 48th and 51st parallel on the west coast of Canada and it’s part of the temperate Rain Forest, which means, that it rains a lot here and that’s what it’ doing today. It’s what it did yesterday and the day before and probably will again tomorrow!

Parked in the forest in the rain

I can’t say the sun never shines here, as this year it was warm and dry all through July and August, but now it’s raining and we’re parked in our daughter Liz’s yard, waiting. What are we waiting for? Well, a little day surgery that Richard needs to correct a double hernia. A little Arthroscopic procedure that will take about half an hour, but though we did try mightily, we weren’t able to get it scheduled before the end of October.

So, all our planning on leaving after Thanksgiving, (Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday in October for all you Americans out there) is for naught. We’re here for the duration. Not that we don’t have things to do, there’s a lovely Harvest Dinner coming up with foodstuffs harvested locally, plus I have a reunion with a writer that I guided 10 years ago. We’ll be heading up to Campbell River so I can guide him fishing one last time, then I’m retiring for good.

I’ll still go fishing though, there’s no question about that. As a matter of fact I was up just last week rowing for Tyee, but that’s another story!


One Response to “Playing the waiting game.”

  1. Elizabeth September 20, 2010 at 8:48 pm #

    Rain rain rain….let’s not talk about the weather okay? It’ll be hot enough in no time and you won’t even remember what’s it like on the West Coast, at least for a few months.

    Now go get me some fishies…

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