Luddites? I think not!

26 Sep

So, I bet you thought you were never going to see another post on here, didn’t you? Well, no such luck folks. Truth is we sometimes fall off the grid and lose contact with the electronic world.

It’s not that we’re Luddites, Richard and I both have our own Apple laptops, and when we’re home in Canada we carry cell phones. We use lots of modern, high tech stuff, we just don’t have a need to be in contact with the world at large on a constant basis.

The Grummy isn’t equipped with TV or  Internet satellite dish so when we travel we find ourselves at the mercy of Coffee shops, Internet cafes, and Libraries. This sounds easy doesn’t it?  In reality it’s not, because first, you have to search to find them, and then second, you really have to want to use them.

I used to be a Newspaper addict, when we lived in our house, and given the chance, would read and research for hours on the net. Richard liked to surf and could spend hours entertaining himself, flowing from subject to subject. So when we hit the road, we had to go cold turkey.

I don’t know how Richard felt, but for me it was a feeling of freedom.  Communication with friends and family was totally at our discretion. Scary, I know, especially when your kids can’t get hold of you instantly in case of an emergency, but interestingly, nothing has happened that couldn’t wait 7 days. Our kids are in their late 20’s so we figured there wasn’t much they couldn’t handle themselves, and when we do contact them it’s mostly to reassure them that they’ve done the correct things.

In Canada and the US,  over the years, we’ve had to search for places with Internet access and mark them on our maps. A few rest stops in the US provide WiFi service but these are few and far between and so far we haven’t found any in Canada.  In Baja, Internet cafes abound, but they usually have really old equipment, and very slow speeds, so you make do. Short missives that get the message across succinctly are how we go, until we reach Puerto Escondido, just south of Loreto in Baja Sur. There in the lovely waters of the port, besides the shower and laundry facilities is a very nice restaurant called the Puerto Bello, owned and run by a gentleman named Pedro. Not only is the food good, the beer cold and the atmosphere friendly, but Pedro has Hi-speed WiFi. So, once a week we drag our laundry and laptops into Puerto Escondido and enjoy clean clothes, a good beer and conversation, and reconnect with the world at large.

So about once a week,give or take, we’ll be posting here. Some stories may have a point, some won’t, that’s just the way life is. As far as we’re concerned, this is just another chapter in our story and we’d like to invite you to join us in our discovery of that story, even if it is vicariously through the pages of this blog.

Talk to you soon!


2 Responses to “Luddites? I think not!”

  1. Elizabeth September 28, 2010 at 2:09 pm #

    I still can’t believe there is such little Wi-Fi access across the country, though I suppose someone has to pay for it, so why would it be free? Or that is how it seems they are thinking about it. If you build it (Wi-Fi), they will come….and spend money. Doesn’t make sense to me…

    We look forward to the weekly updates and hearing about all the exciting things happening down South.

    • travelswithgrummy September 28, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

      I’m sure there are a lot more places with WiFi than we’ve found, but it would require spending a lot more time in each place searching the sites out, or find a good guide in each town that knows them. Every time we travel we manage to find new sites so eventually we’ll be able to stay in touch more often.

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