A trip to market

6 Dec

We sit on the beach every morning, coffee in hand and watch the sun rise over the Island of Danzante. The quiet is broken only by the plop, plop sound of pelicans diving into the water in search of fish, and the continuous susurration of the lapping waves.

Just another beautiful sunrise

Our beach is peace and quiet itself, but Mexico is not. These are a people who revel in noise. Everything is done at full volume as if by doing so God will hear them and smile on them, and who’s to say they aren’t right?

They also have a different standard than most North Americans about personal space. They think nothing of standing or pitching their tents inches away from someone else and if you can’t stand that or the noise, you probably shouldn’t come here.

Need a stroller, or bike for the kids?

Sundays in the town of Loreto, is when the local market is set up. People here work 5 ½ days a week and Sundays is the only day they have off, so it’s a perfect time for the outlying farmers, tinkers, ranchers and other sellers to pitch tents down the dry arroyo beside town and set out their  wares.

One of many vegetable and fruit stands

You can buy just about anything here, from freshly butchered goat; beef or chickens to the freshest organic vegetables one can find anywhere. The vegetables and meats are organic only because of economics. These are dirt-poor farmers and so cannot afford anything in the way of fertilizers or pesticides. The ranchers allow their animals to range far and wide so they can find enough sustenance to survive. No antibiotics here. If they survive long enough to be rounded up, they become the next meal. They also don’t hang their meat, first because it’s extremely lean, second because there is very little in the way of available refrigeration, due to lack of electricity in the out lying areas.

A little something for everyone!

Everyone turns out for the market and it becomes a cacophony of colours and sounds. The vegetable sellers use loud hailers to announce the prices of their wares, the CD salesman just turns up his speakers to full volume, the Taqueria,(taco restaurant) and the birria (Goat soup) sellers also have their music playing loudly.

Good tacos here!

You want a plastic garbage can, tools, kitchen implements or used pot and pans, second hand clothes, religious icons, there’s a booth here. Fresh cheeses, pastries, breads, seafood all can be had at the various tents lining the path. There are even candy and drink sellers pushing hand carts or carrying trays on their shoulders pushing through the crowds hawking their wares, adding to the volume.

Want some fresh seafood?

This is a meeting place as well, as those who haven’t seen one another for a while,  catch up on the latest news of friends, relatives and local politics.

Need a religious icon?

It is a rollicking, pounding, colourful, carnival like atmosphere, which puts every market at home to shame. Prices as well. At home everyone who eats “Organic” has resigned themselves to having to spend more to get a little less. At this market, a weeks worth of fruit, vegetables and meat averages out to 500 to 600 pesos. That’s about $45.00 in Canada.

Here, everyone has a smile on his or her face, a friendly “Hola!” And “Como est ta?” to friends and strangers alike!

We go every week, pick up our necessities, visit with friends, poke into any booth that looks interesting, and then head back to our quiet little piece of paradise, treasures in hand, for another week. Who knows next week we may find that one unique thing we’ve always been looking for but could never find!

The colours of sunset


3 Responses to “A trip to market”

  1. anne December 8, 2010 at 11:30 pm #

    Ola, nice place you’ve got there. I’m envious, it’s pissing down rain here, windy and cold. Off work for a few days so I’m just taking it easy. Miss you keep the blog going, I enjoy reading about your travels

  2. Michelle Savarie December 9, 2010 at 2:20 am #

    Just got caught up can’t wait for the next read!!Hugs to you both!

  3. Anne December 30, 2010 at 6:19 am #

    Feliz Navidad! Very interesting time you two are having, hope Christmas was a good time too. Keep up the blog it’s a way to stay in touch with you. Much love to you both

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