15 Mar

Spring has arrived finally. Oh, there’s no real massive change. The sun  rises a few minutes earlier and set a bit later. Being this far south there isn’t much difference in the amount of daylight between Winter and Summer but it now comes up much further north than before and it now passes almost overhead. The days are much warmer, as are the nights. Care must be taken now not to get sunburnt, even with a dark tan.

The water has also started to warm up some. With the hot days, it becomes much more inviting to go for a dip in the afternoons. Last week, we headed out in the Kayak; by the time we reached the western side of Danzante, being hot and sweaty, we pulled into a beautiful rocky bay, unloaded the underwater camera, shorty wetsuits, and masks and snorkels.
These are just a few of the things we saw and captured through our lenses.

One of many King Angelfish

Crowned Urchin snuggled in a hole in the rock.

Bradley's Sea Star

Orange Cup Coral

Giant Spiral Polychaete Tube Worm

Giant Damselfish

Yellowtail fry in the millions!

Every time we slip below the waves, we just never know what we’re going to see. As the water keeps warming up we’ll continue to be amazed at the vast diversity of life below the surface of the great Sea of Cortez.


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