30 Mar

As I sit here trying to think of something to write about, it occurs to me that Richard and I have become “Party Animals”. We’ve been to more parties here, over the winter, than we probably attended during the past 10 years at home.

Folks have parties at the drop of a hat here, Birthdays, Full Moons, Blue Moons, relatives coming down to visit, friends leaving the beach and heading further down the peninsula, friends heading home, caught a big fish or lots of fish, Christmas, New Year, Valentines day, St. Patricks Day. Sometimes the parties are just because; because they got a new Paella pan and proper grill( the Paella was good, but needed some Dry Spanish Chorizo in my opinion), because it seemed like a good time to use up a bunch of seafood to make room in their fridge or freezer for more, or simply just because.

The Paella, and damn, it was good!

Now I have to qualify just what is meant by a “Party” down here. First be aware that the average age in this area is 65-70, so that kind of precludes raucous, rip snorting, foot stomping, pounding rock and roll, hell raisers! Mostly any music heard at parties down here is provided by someone with a guitar, (which always make me think of John Belushi in Animal House, and don’t I wish I could do the same!) and voice. Generally, neither of these would invite a recording contract from even the most desperate record label, though it can at times lead to some hilarity! Picture a large group of rather old folks singing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, badly off key, led by a guitar player that only knows one chord, the wrong one, a tambourine and a harmonica. The only thing worse would be an accordion!

Most of these affairs are sedate, and follow a general pattern. Arrive at the requested time, usually between 4 and 5 PM, bringing something to share, since these gatherings are always “Pot Luck”.  One must also remember to bring a chair, a plate or bowl, cutlery and something to drink. The invitees will sit in some semblance of a circle, usually around a fire pit, that may or may not be lit yet. Drink and talk for up to 45 minutes than proceed to eat and continue talking.

As usual, sitting around stuffing our faces!

If it’s a Full Moon party then chances are the fire will already be lit and hot dogs will be cooking. Hot Dogs down here are all made from Turkey (ewww, yuk!) so folks have taken to bringing down with them packages of Beef Smokies and Bratwursts, which are cause for other parties where these treasures are shared amongst only the very best of friends.

When the Full Moon has been greeted and or all the guests are sated, the crowd will gather around the fire and proceed to discuss all the latest gossip heard regarding the inexplicable behaviour of various Mexican Ministries and Agencies, plus snippets of whatever is going on in the world at large. There is a large information gap here as Internet is available only to those who have their own satellite set ups or who seek out WiFi at the local marina, hotel or restaurant. A couple of campers have Sirius Radios, so more info is available now than in previous years. These learned folks share what information they have with those who wish to hear. Trust me, not everyone here wants to know anything about the outside world, that’s why they’re living in this little back water spot.

Sitting around the fire, digesting, gossiping, and having fun Rattlesnake Beach style.

There is a term used widely down here…… Baja Midnight. To all of you uninitiated, that’s about 8 PM, and that’s about what time almost all the parties break up. All it takes is for one person to start packing up to leave, when suddenly it becomes a mass exodus. For those of the more elderly persuasion it’s perfect, a party that lasts no more than 3 or 4 hours, with no clean up except the few dishes that you yourself contributed to the pot luck. All the so-called garbage, paper plates and napkins will have been tossed into the fire pit and  the fire can safely be allowed to burn down unattended, and happily in bed by 9 PM! Well at least for most, Richard and I have a tendency to get back to Grummy, have a decaf coffee and watch a movie. Since we’re considered to be youngsters here it’s understood that we’ll stay up late, (around 10) and get up late (about 7-7:30) tsk, tsk!

We were at a party last night, to say goodbye to a couple of longtimers who left this morning to start the long journey home. By the middle of April, there will be only 4 groups of us left, so there will be one more party. We will burn our last pieces of wood, cook our last shared dish and say our goodbyes for another season.

Come Easter, there will no room to move on this beach as it’s a Mexican Baja tradition to head to the beach, eat massive amounts of seafood and party for 2 weeks, and when I say party I mean loud music, dancing, drinking, feasting, staying up all night and doing their very best to live it up and have a good time!

Perhaps next year, we’ll host a party that’ll include loud rock music, and some dancing. If we can find some folks under the age of 60 we might even be able to keep it going until really late… maybe even 10 PM. Now, doesn’t that sound like a party?


2 Responses to “PARTY ANIMALS”

  1. Michelle Savarie March 30, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    Alexis you are too funny!!!

    • Alexis Thuillier March 31, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

      Thanks. It certainly can be an interesting and or boring place to be at times!

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