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Baja, as seen from my camera.

26 Jan

I’m not going to give you a story this time around, I’m just going to show you pictures. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and hopefully these shots will tell you something about the Baja that I see every winter.
I talk a great deal about Rattlesnake beach, where we camp. It faces directly east so we see the sun rise every morning and you know, it’s different every day.

The insect and bird life that comes to visit us is colourful, varied and always fascinating.

Preying Mantis

A very large moth that visits at night

This bird spent about 30 minutes investigating our campsite and checking us out. There are lots around here and they really do move swiftly.

Road Runner

We never know what we’ll find when we visit the islands across from us. The tide brings things in and then takes them away again and depending on how the sun strike the land, things not seen before suddenly become apparent.

Sea lion skull, Pencil Urchin, dried Box Fish

A hole in the wall

The Desert makes most people think of a vast endless area of sand, where life is impossible, but nothing could be further from the truth. These are just a few varieties of cactus that thrive here and occasionally show us their more colourful side.

A Beavertail cactus just coming into bloom.


Pretty, isn't it?

Another beautiful colour in the desert.

We don’t always spend our time just at Rattlesnake Beach. There is a spot we like to visit, just south of La Paz, called Punta Arena. It’s an isolated beach close to the big city yet it feels like you are completely alone. The beach is accessed through an old salt pan, that is still being worked by hand.

Salt evaporation pans

Once there, as we walk along the coast we never know what we’ll see. Every cove offers a changing view and the fishing can be more than entertaining to say the least.

On the oceans edge, there are always dunes.

A common sight!

Catching Humbolt Squid

The local fisherman cleaner their catch of Tiberon, (shark)

Another place that I love to visit is directly across the Baja peninsula from us on the west coast called San Juanico. We don’t visit often as the road is excruciating to drive the Grummy down, and it’s a long ways to go. Ah but the sunsets, the sandy beaches and the treasures that the beaches offer make it worthwhile. Besides, every year we go they tell us the new road will be finished in just a couple more months. One of these years it just might be!

My favourite beach!

Just a few of the treasure to be found on San Juanico beach

And we’ll end the way the day always ends on San Juanico beach, with a glorious sunset!

The end to another day on Baja!